President 2021/2022: Sara Cooper PH: (225) 288-2332
Preside at all meetings, including the Board of Directors meetings where the president shall be considered the chairman of the board, and otherwise perform all duties incident to the office.  

Vice-President 2021/2022: Rachel Kennedy PH: (504) 570-0992
The corporation may have more than one vice-president upon determination of the board. The executive VP (elected) shall act on behalf of the president in the president’s absence and shall otherwise assist in zoning and general public affairs. An administrative VP may be appointed by the board and shall oversee membership/recordation of membership for determination of voting rights at the annual meeting and shall assist in development of communication between the membership and the other internal affairs of the area represented. 

Secretary 2021/2022: Kelsey Mead PH: (225) 603-8889
The secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings, send out notices of meetings and other matters, assist the president in preparing agendas for the meetings and maintain correspondence and membership records. 

Treasurer 2021/2022: Chad Kennedy PH: (504) 975-7575
The treasurer shall receive income form dues, donations, and fund-raising efforts, and shall disburse funds in accordance with the determination of the Board of Directors. The treasurer shall also maintain a current financial report and ensure compliance with IRS regulations regarding non-profit corporations. 

Webmaster: Chris Rosendahl PH: (225) 936-2236